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Track and manage facility schedules, requests and costs like never before

Facilitron’s scheduling and reservation platform is designed to help districts maximize building use through managing schedules as well as reservation requests - whether from school users, school associated groups, or the community.

  • Cloud-based reservation system manages all facility use
  • Request system allows school faculty to book available facilities
  • Special community portal accommodates external requests
  • Track recovery costs by school, facility or group
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Organize facility schedules and requests, approvals, permits and more

Now, in one place, district and school administrators can preview the events and activities that are going on in their gyms, theaters and classrooms all over the district - as well as manage both internal (school) requests AND public rental requests to use school facilities.

  • Dashboard Alert Center - quickly review pending reservations, upcoming events
  • District Calendar - sort and view all activities at any school or any facility in the district
  • Filter and view by reservation type – approved, pending, internal or external
  • Preview reservation details by clicking on any reservation
  • View details of any reservation - fees, services, time slots, permits, documents, insurance, charges, payments, communications and more
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Community request portal streamlines facility use application process

Custom school sites which link right off school websites create a place where the community can come to find photos, pricing and information on the availability of school facilities for rent — without needing to call or email school administrators. Search results allow community groups to view facility details, configure and submit requests, upload documents, and more.

  • Sites for each individual school with parent sites for clusters/areas and the district
  • List facilities on the Facilitron marketplace or use as a stand-alone solution
  • Search and view facilities and see real-time availability
  • Browse photos, information, location, and pricing
  • Select dates and times and submit requests
  • Upload insurance or purchase during application process

Online application with Facilitron support simplifies requests and reduces admin time

Managing facility schedules and requests and other burdens, such as answering questions from community requesters, can take up significant time for district employees. Combining the online request system with our account and support teams allows districts to save significant time and money by offloading duties such as verifying non-profit status and insurance, tracking down payment, issuing refunds and more.

Account Managers and Customer Support teams assist districts with...

  • Reservation adjustments and management
  • Invoicing, payment processing, collections, refunds
  • 24/7 renter support for new and existing reservations
  • Community inquiries and questions
  • Insurance and non-profit verification
  • Availability and reservation repurposing or rescheduling
Reservation checkout screenshot
Reservation checkout screenshot
Reservation details page screenshot

Reservation details — consolidated and accessible to key stakeholders

Facilitron tracks all requests whether approved or declined and consolidates communications, reservation history and changes as well as important documents such as insurance, permits and organization details.

Reservation detail pages include:

  • Renter organization contact and details
  • Facility use permits
  • Insurance documents
  • Attach photos or documents (floor plan, setup, damage)
  • Fee details including any secondary fees (i.e. utilities, custodial, equipment, application fees, et al)
  • Payment and refund history (handled by Facilitron)
  • Internal and external comments and reservation history
  • Calendar links
  • Work order dispatch and more