Facilitron Data and Reporting using Northside cost analysis displayed in spreadsheet like format

More than reporting — Business insights to help drive policy

Data-driven decision making is transforming the way districts operate. Facilitron helps districts automate data tracking and delivers more than just data analytics; we deliver business insights districts can use to make policy decisions based on actual data.

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Real-time data at your fingertips

Facilitron provides a system that collects and organizes important facility use data — both community and internal use - in real-time, in one place and at no cost to the district. Now districts can easily reconcile and analyze financial and facility-use data like never before in order to better understand facility utilization and recovery costs.

  • Revenue reports by school — track approved, pending, declined amounts; policy vs adjusted
  • Reservation summary and details — itemized by rent, services, equipment
  • List of users — school and community with utilization (hours) and recovery cost totals (revenue)
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Insights for driving revenue and cost recovery

Facilitron provides facility-use calculations that help schools arrive at recovery costs based on actual costs and metrics like square footage and amortization. Once on the platform, districts can very accurately use total availability (total hours each facility type is available to either school or community) and current utilization (in hours) to determine internal and external utilization rates and which types of district facilities are being utilized to what capacity – important data points for requesting and scheduling updates and renovations.

No Cost Consultation Services

  • Cost recovery analysis
  • Revenue projection analysis
  • Policy recommendations
  • In-depth reporting analysis
Facilitron cost analysis

Providing transparency and reducing liability

Schools now operate in a world where openness is the new baseline and rules on equitable access or exposure to potential liability mandate the need for unprecedented transparency. The Facilitron platform ensures equity in both access and pricing at every school across the system. In addition, Facilitron ensures that organization statuses are verified and that liability insurance is provided to meet district requirements - thus reducing liability.

Facilitron’s data-driven system creates opportunities to improve operations and develop a healthy culture of support and collaboration with the community. In times of tight finances, helping the community better understand the costs and liabilities incurred by the district for facility usage creates a new and improved level of understanding and transparency.

Facilitron cost analysis