Getting started with Facilitron

So you think Facilitron might be the right fit for your school district, and have more questions. Where do we go from here?

We know that your needs might not be the same as others. You may have several layers of management that need to be informed of your decision to use our product, or you’re curious how your particular school maintenance staff will react to a new system.

We’re committed to the communities that can benefit from our resources, and strive to connect those communities with the facilities that can empower them. We also want to help our schools recover costs and continue to keep fields and classrooms operating efficiently.

_01 Let’s start with a demo

Our account team will walk you through how Facilitron can help resolve your school district’s specific needs.

Facilitron Demo

_02 Planning and organization

Our onboarding team will walk through your facility needs, build a timeline and engage stakeholders to begin implementation.

Facilitron Demo

_03 Implementation

Our onboarding team builds a detailed digital catalog of your fields, gyms, classrooms and other sites, transfers all existing reservations and information, and trains your team so you’re prepared to go live, all at no cost.

Facilitron Demo

_04 Go live

We’ll launch your school district facility website as well as individual school websites and make your facilities available to rent in our marketplace. Then guide you through any hiccups with our 247 customer support and dedicated account managers.

Facilitron Demo

We’ll walk you through our product, listen to your needs, and put together a plan to get your facilities online and working for you. All at no cost, and with 247 superior customer support.

Thousands of schools have chosen Facilitron for their facility management. Find out why.

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