School facility management software—why do you need it?

Managing school facilities can be a difficult task, but especially so if you are using outdated software, juggling spreadsheets or even using old-fashioned pen-and-paper. Entering facility reservations into these inefficient systems is tedious, leaves too much room for human error, and makes relevant data reporting difficult if not impossible. These problems are compounded when managing multiple schools in a district.

You need a modern and efficient system designed specifically to help you manage your school facilities. That system is the Facilitron platform.

Our facility management platform helps you:

  • Automate scheduling and reservation requests–for both internal and community use.
  • Track and understand the cost of maintaining your school facilities.
  • Bring transparency and district insight into your facility use through our data control center.
  • Centralize communications and make data accessible to administrative and operational staff.
  • Schedule services and maintenance tasks for your school facilities.

Scheduling & Reservations

Efficiently schedule internal events

Administrators can front-load all existing internal events into a master calendar.

Manage community requests

With internal events available at-a-glance, managing community requests becomes easier than ever before. Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts.

Precisely manage reservation details

Our reservation detail pages show everything including renter organization contacts, permits, insurance documents, payment history, and more.

Renters can search and request facilities

Each school’s custom rental storefront provides thorough facility profiles, allowing your community to quickly find the space they need for their event.

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Data Analytics & Reporting

Establish best practices…

…by sharing intelligence provided by at-a-glance dashboards and reports.

Track KPI’s in real time

We track key performance indicators relating to bookings, revenue, and utilization to better understand practices and policy effectiveness, allowing districts to make changes based on real-time data.

Free operational costs analysis

Six months into your partnership with Facilitron, we provide a free and thorough cost analysis for your district and schools, giving you a clear understanding of what it costs to operate your facilities.

Improve ROI through cost recovery analysis

Do you really know the operational costs of your facilities? At no additional charge, we provide insights and recommendations on cost recovery.

Improve decision making regarding policy

When is the last time you updated your facility use policies? The data reporting you’ll receive will help you make informed decisions.

Recommendations on policy updates

We work with hundreds of districts just like yours and can assist your administrators through our shared knowledge.

Work Order Management

Automate preventative maintenance

…by sharing intelligence provided by at-a-glance dashboards and reports.

Create work orders quickly & easily

List, categorize, and prioritize your facility work orders through our efficient system.

Learn more about work management

Thousands of schools have chosen Facilitron for their facility management. Find out why.

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