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While schools and colleges have become strong users of student data on achievement, they typically lag in the use of data to monitor and assess the effectiveness of school operations. For those school districts who’ve developed systems to manage their operations, data-driven decision making is transforming the way they operate. Facilitron helps school districts develop systems to effectively monitor the total operations in their use of facilities to meet both the school and community needs.

Facility use data

Real-time facility use metrics

Revenue reports by school allow districts to track approved, pending, and declined events for internal and community use.

Comprehensive reservation details

Renters and their organizations are itemized by school, facility, rental, services, and equipment.

Detailed list of facility users

School and community use with utilization (hours) and recovery cost totals (revenue).

True-cost evaluations for facility rental

Itemize facility use down to the hour, ensuring cost coverage for security, staffing and supplies.

Facilitron Demo
Facilitron Demo

Financial reporting

Ensure equity in facility access and pricing

Reduce exposure to potential liability with unprecedented transparency.

Find opportunities to improve operations

Improve district-wide policies to increase efficiency and cover costs based on specific schools, venues and use.

Improve transparency and understanding

Help the community better understand the costs and liabilities incurred by the district for facility usage.

Business insights

No-cost consultation services

We partner with you to interpret data and put it to use.

Facility-use Calculations

Schools recover costs based on true metrics like amortization.

Internal and external utilization rates

Prioritize budgets and renovations based on facility use, capacity and other metrics.

Drive revenue

Determine projections, profit/loss and a clear picture of budgets.

Facilitron Demo

The use of data-driven systems in decision making ensures a new level of understanding and transparency for the community, helping them to understand the liabilities and costs incurred by districts for facility usage.

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