City of Oxnard - Public Works
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Reservations must be made no less than two (2) working days prior to the event date.

This site is for the reservation of BBQ, Picnic, Outdoor Event, Wedding Spaces and Park Permits. Please use the link below to reserve Sports Fields.
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BBQ, Picnic, Outdoor Event, Wedding Spaces and Park Permits
Jolly Jump Permit Approved Vendors:

101 Jumpers (

Jolly Jumps, Inc (

Jackye Jumps (805 236-8926)

Coss Jumpers (

If you are interested in reserving space in one of the City Parks for filming activities, please contact the City Film Liaison at 805-385-7447 or visit for more information.

About Oxnard's History
About a century ago Hollywood cinematographers and location scouts were attracted by the beauty of Oxnard's beaches. In fact, it was in 1921 that Paramount Studios found Oxnard's sprawling coastline to be the perfect stand-in for the Egyptian desert. One of the most notable motion pictures of its time, Rudolph Valentino's The Sheik, was filmed here. Other Hollywood studios and stars were soon to follow. Clark Gable bought a home in Oxnard. Charlie Chaplin headed to Oxnard when he needed a respite from his busy schedule. Most notably, John Wayne made fishing his sport while vacationing in Oxnard