Oxnard Union High School District
Facility Use during COVID-19
District facilities are currently closed to internal and external users due to COVID-19 At this time the District’s JPA Insurance is not insuring us for any facility rentals due to VC Public Health protocols.
District facilities will re-open to internal and external users when the public health environment improves and students and staff can safely return to campuses.
District facility users will be notified immediately when facilities are again available for external users. When students can safely return to school and we allow outside users to rent our facilities, all renter participants will be asked to sign a COVID 19 waiver and we will assign one of our staff members to enforce our site COVID-19 safety protocols during events.
Additionally all renters may be charged a deep cleaning fee due to these same COVID-19 safety protocols. This will result in a potential cost increase in the cost of facility rentals to external users.
District facility users should also continue to check Facilitron on the District’s web page for updated information
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
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