Community Spaces for All Your Activities
At Orangeview Junior High School we are committed to:

• A coordinated instructional program in which teachers collaborate to ensure all students learn at high levels – and –
• A systematic response to students’ academic and social needs
So that all students can:
• Increase literacy skills to read, write, perform mathematical computations and think critically at levels that will allow them to access information and demonstrate understanding at or above grade level and
• Decrease social dysfunction to make the choices and decisions that foster social and academic growth – both for the individual and the community of learners

We have developed programming that allows us to meet the diverse needs of our students through course offerings. For example, we offer reading courses for students falling below grade level, we provide a full selection of honors courses (we were the first junior high school to offer 8th grade students the opportunity to enroll in Geometry), and we fully integrate many of our special education students into collaboratively taught math and English classes.

In addition to the specialized courses, our counseling department offers a comprehensive list of support services to assist students through academic and social challenges of junior high school. We provide one on one meetings, group sessions for everything from anger management to organizational skills to grief and also partner with outside agencies to connect students and families with deeper levels of support.