Hillsboro School District Admin Center
Governor Brown announced Tuesday 4/8/2020 that physical schools across the state would be closed for the remainder of the academic year. More information can be found on the HSD website. Facilitron will assist renters with facility use permits to suspend affected reservations—which allows reservations to retain a “priority status” for future dates once any suspension of community use of facilities is lifted. This also allows a reservation to be reinstated at a future time without the need to submit a new application or request. Please reach out to Facilitron with any questions. We appreciate your understanding, and wish our entire community good health and safety during this difficult situation. Thank you.

See below for more information regarding cancellations due to COVID-19.
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Community Spaces for All Your Activities
The Orenco School staff is dedicated to creating an

environment in which each student experiences success

in learning and positive self-esteem. The interest of

children is the heart of all our decision making. We will

nurture, instruct and encourage students towards

becoming lifelong learners capable of maximizing their

potential as responsible, productive citizens. We believe

that children learn best in safe environments where

meaningful content is taught in an enriched setting.

Children should be given the opportunity to collaborate,

make choices, receive immediate feedback and exhibit

mastery through the application of knowledge.