Orenco Elementary School
Community Users: In order to ensure our school based programs have priority scheduling, the Hillsboro School District does not approve rental requests from community users more than 2 months in advanced.

Community Users: Due to Bond construction involving most of our schools, and the shifting of staff and resources, the Hillsboro School District is closing all buildings/indoor use from community users from June 17 - September 3 2019.
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
The Orenco School staff is dedicated to creating an

environment in which each student experiences success

in learning and positive self-esteem. The interest of

children is the heart of all our decision making. We will

nurture, instruct and encourage students towards

becoming lifelong learners capable of maximizing their

potential as responsible, productive citizens. We believe

that children learn best in safe environments where

meaningful content is taught in an enriched setting.

Children should be given the opportunity to collaborate,

make choices, receive immediate feedback and exhibit

mastery through the application of knowledge.