San Jose Unified School District
SJUSD is aiming for a July 1 soft reopening of the fields. This is not 100% confirmed as there a lot of moving parts that must be reviewed, considered and implemented. We are just as anxious to get back to some normalcy as we are sure you and your groups are. There should be another update in the coming days. We appreciate your patience and flexibility through all this! Please visit for more information.
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Community Spaces for All Your Activities
Olinder’s dedicated staff offers its students excellence through academics. The staff at Olinder believes that by developing appropriate academic, personal, and social skills students are empowered to meet the upcoming challenges of middle school and beyond. State Content Standards are the basis of instruction, using traditional and differentiated strategies. Additionally, every classroom is equipped with several computers for student use in accessing Accelerated Reading and Accelerated Math. The classroom computers combined with a 32-station computer lab and a wireless mobile laptop computer center, gives students easy access to technology instruction. Olinder also offers its students before-school and after-school tutoring and a program called CORAL is provided after school to ensure students progress in academics.