Norman Public Schools
Norman Public Schools has made the decision to begin the school year completely virtually. Facilities will remain closed to any external requests at this time. Thank you for understanding.
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
The Nancy O'Brian Center for the Performing Arts is the showcase performance venue for Norman Public Schools. Located on North Stubbeman Avenue, adjacent to Norman North High School, the Center features the 1,200-seat John Clinton Theatre, a 200-seat Studio Theatre, Scene and Costume Shops, and an Art Gallery. The Center was conceived and designed as a unique performance facility, augmenting and serving
schools across the district. The Center exists to provide students with curriculum-related arts experiences that are not possible in the normal classroom setting.

An additional mission of the Center is to serve as a performance and activity venue for the Norman Community and the Central Oklahoma Region. While the Center was built primarily to house Norman Public Schools Fine Arts events created for and by our students, it is available for outside rentals on dates not already designated for student use. The Performing Arts Center's public use is managed by the Norman Public School District. Non-NPS events for the upcoming school year will be scheduled beginning the first week of June.

Requests for reservations will be considered in the following order of priority: 1) Norman Public Schools Fine Arts events, 2) Norman Public Schools non-Fine Arts events, 3) Out of district user Fine Arts events, 4) Out of district user non-Fine Arts events. Also included in scheduling decisions are the overall appropriateness of the venue, including audience seating needs for the proposed event.