Polk County Public Schools
Polk County Public Schools would like to share some important information with individuals and organizations who have chosen to rent our facilities.
We would like to thank you for selecting our rental sites to host your event. We hope this experience was positive, and the chosen site was suitable for your needs. We look forward to continuing to offer this valuable service to our community.
The school district analyzes the Use of Facilities rates every few years to ensure the rates are set appropriately to cover the cost of maintaining these facilities. Due to the recent increase in the cost of materials and supplies, PCPS must help offset these costs by increasing our Use of Facilities rates.
Please be advised that the rate increase will be effective as of Jan. 1, 2023.
Facilitron — our district’s online system for booking facilities — will change the rates on the website that same day (Jan. 1, 2023).
You will find that our new rates remain extremely reasonable and are well below the rental costs that other local school districts are charging for similar facilities.
In addition, you might wish to consider booking your events now to take advantage of current prices before the rate increase takes place.
We appreciate your understanding and are happy to continue supporting your community events.
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
The mission of Polk County Public Schools is to provide a high-quality education for all students.

In accomplishing this mission, we envision that students will effectively:
1. Read, write, compute, speak, listen, and use complex thinking skills to solve problems
2. Be self-directed in creating personal purpose and vision, setting priorities, choosing ethical action, and creating their own knowledge
3. Cooperate and collaborate with others in working with and leading groups, interact positively in diverse settings, recognize the value and contributions of all individuals, and make positive contributions to their communities
4. Understand and use social, organizational, and technological systems; design, monitor, improve and correct performance within a system; and create viable products

These desired student outcomes and practices will be fostered and nurtured in schools and classrooms in which:
1. Adults assume instructional and ethical leadership to create efficient, effective environments perceived as safe, healthy, and equitable, where students are recognized as unique individuals capable of learning and independent thinking
2. Adults use varied and reliable teaching and evaluative procedures through relevant curricula
3. Adults enable students, families, and communities to work cooperatively to assume responsibility for the total educational experience
4. Adults engage in professional growth and training activities to effect continuous improvement
5. Students are guided in their total physical, mental and emotional development through activities that are student-centered and focus on positive expectations and encourage intrinsic motivation