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Our Vision

Manuel Esqueda Elementary School is focused on increasing student achievement to meet or exceed State standards in all academic areas including proficiency in the English language. Each staff member realizes the potential in all students and works together through collaborative efforts with students, parents and the community to maintain an environment conducive to academic and personal success. Our students will be prepared to utilize technology to ensure access to the career of their choice. Students, staff and parents understand their role and responsibility in supporting the classroom instruction, maintaining an educational focus at home, and utilizing resources to ensure student success.

Our Mission

Manuel Esqueda Elementary School is dedicated to high academic achievement for all students, inspiring students to reach their full potential at school and throughout life by creating an atmosphere that appreciates diversity, maintains high standard for learning and citizenship, incorporates technology, and supports a partnership based on respect between school and community to reach our goals.

Our Instructional Focus

Esqueda’s focus for all students, K-8, is Reading Comprehension with a strong emphasis on Fluency and Vocabulary Development, beginning in kindergarten and continuing in grades 1-8. Fluency and Vocabulary Development lay the foundation for understanding what we read.