InspireNOLA Charter Schools
With the growing concerns surrounding COVID-19, InspireNOLA is suspending all external events through April 13, 2020. Facilitron will assist renters with facility use permits to suspend affected reservations—which allows reservations to retain a “priority status” for future dates once any suspension of community use of facilities is lifted. This also allows a reservation to be reinstated at a future time without the need to submit a new application or request. Please reach out to Facilitron with any questions. We appreciate your understanding, and wish our entire community good health and safety during this difficult situation. Thank you.
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
42 lives its values toward the manifestation of its vision, by being Purposeful, Intentional and Consistent (PIC) in all of our practices, as we support our scholars in mastering all social and academic skills needed to be literate transformational leaders in our learning community and beyond.