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At Mt. Carmel, weekly collaborative planning is essential for all grade level teams. We also hold monthly instructional planning meetings with teams and administrators to discuss data. An emphasis is put upon rigorous instruction through the use of Learning Focused Schools research-based strategies. All teachers are expected to use the LFS model for planning and instruction. This is monitored by walk-throughs by administrators and will further be monitored by peer walk-throughs. Vocabulary, rigor and focus on data based instruction will continue to be emphasized.

As teachers plan for instruction, they are expected to take into account the individual needs of students and provide for them through strategies for differentiation. All students are expected to achieve as evidenced through various assessments, including end-of-year summative evaluations. In order to move forward toward growth of 7-10% for each student, teachers work with students to set individual goals. The only way to see this growth is through data-driven instruction. We must look at the needs of students based upon data and then meet those needs through established interventions. A data room is going to be established this year. Monthly instructional meetings will be held in this room where discussions and planning will take place to meet individual student and school needs. In looking at data and individual student needs we can collaborate and work together to provide a quality education for all students.