Community Spaces for All Your Activities
Our mission at Lamar Reese School of the Arts is to demonstrate the successful application of written and spoken performance standards while exploring and perfecting students' gifts and talents through dance, art, music, strings, and drama in a safe, orderly environment. Through a unified effort of family and community involvement, students will become respectful, productive citizens in an ever-changing world. Specialized, advanced arts classes, including piano, violin, ballet, jazz, tap, and tinkling are offered to students in the third through fifth grades who maintain acceptable academic progress.

The basis of our magnet educational program is the integration of visual arts, performing arts, and technology and a standards-based curriculum using discipline-based arts education (DBAE) research practices that impact student achievement. DBAE enables students to attain higher levels of performance, critical thinking and aesthetic judgment. The faculty and staff welcome the challenge of providing opportunities for children to learn through the theoretic concepts of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.