Poway Unified School District
Availability Update: PUSD is opening field usage on 6/12/20 with a few restrictions. For final approval to be granted, each organization will have to have a signed waiver before they will be approved.
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Community Spaces for All Your Activities
For those of you new to Los Pen you may wonder what the No Excuses University (NEU) is all about? Since 1996 the staff at Los Pen began making measurable changes in their daily work. The entire school culture is grounded on one pledge and one goal.
We are committed to creating a school that knows no limits to the academic success of each student. (Los Pen Pledge)
Every student without exception and without excuse will be proficient in reading, language arts and math. (Our One Goal)

These are unique and lofty statements however it is this culture which permeates the work at Los Peñasquitos. To reach our goal our staff believes that there are NO EXCUSES for poor effort and that student achievement is our responsibility. Many exceptional systems are put in place to help achieve our goal.

Students are exposed to a unique program at Los Peñasquitos which has won numerous awards including the National Blue Ribbon School Award, The California Distinguished School Award and most recently the San Diego Impact Award.
The staff dedication, collaboration and commitment are exemplary. They take one step after another, always seeking solutions, always keeping a positive and hopeful attitude and always expecting success.