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Save Time
Easily schedule and efficiently manage reservation requests from internal and external groups, including athletics, arts, clubs and the community at large.
  • Simplify rental and scheduling while retaining full control over approvals and execution.
  • Easily publish availability of facilities in real time, enabling better communications with your customers, reducing friction and improving speed of decision making.
  • Customize reservations site with your branding and complete information on your facilities available for rent.
  • Access user profiles to have all of your renters' information in one place to better communicate and service them.
  • Offload insurance handling to us. We verify the validity of insurance coverage and compliance with your requirements so you don't have to.
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Manage Better
Streamline communications with users and service personnel. Automate transaction tracking, record keeping, payment processing, reporting and analytics.
  • Event reminders notify you and your renters as the day of the rental approaches to improve quality of service and minimize last-minute surprises.
  • Regulatory compliance is made easy as we maintain and update all pertinent regulatory rules so that your facility rentals are always in compliance.
  • Record keeping is at your fingertips, including rental history, customer feedback and financial data to make informed approval and compliance decisions.
  • Reporting dashboards give you real-time visibility into your revenue, utilization, operations and staffing needs so you can better understand your trends and needs.
  • Analytic insights provide you with information across all your transactions to better market facilities, forecast demand and securely provide transparency to all constituencies.
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Take Control
Gain ultimate flexibility over approvals, user priority, multi-tier rates and payments. Easily publish availability to simplify processes and improve decision making.
  • Easily accommodate last-minute changes through automated notifications, messaging, request tracking and integrated work order system.
  • Employ custom approval process enables you to meet your organization's needs across multiple types of transactions, users and other constituents.
  • Gain certainty in quality of your renters as we verify their identity and organization types so you don't have to.
  • Secure all online bookings and provide renters a fast way to book the facilities they need on the go, using most of their personal devices.
  • Diminish risks, assure quality and safety through renter verification and insurance coverage that’s compliant with your requirements.
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Increase Revenue
Generate additional revenue by optimizing utilization, showcasing availability, simplifying reservations and tapping into a broader community marketplace.
  • Use extra revenue to further improve and upgrade your facilities.
  • Easily accommodate users through streamlined application process, reliable approvals, and easy way to connect with more renters.
  • Benefit from free listings promoted across the community Marketplace. The user pays a small fee on successfully completed rental transactions.
  • Gain insights from marketing tools to enable the right audiences to utilize your facilities and their availability.
  • Grow with our complete A-to-Z e-Commerce solution and receive funds for all completed rental transactions without having to deal with collections and other hassles.
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