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NOTICE: Facilitron invoices and collects payment for Facility Fees and Utility Fees on all reservations. The School will advise you of any Custodial, AV Tech or Site Manager Fees that are required. Those fees will be paid directly to the school employee(s) assigned to your event.

EFFECTIVE 10/16/2020: The User’s INDOOR event gathering must be limited to 30% or less of the maximum posted capacity per space rented. The User’s OUTDOOR event gathering(s) must be limited to fifty (50) individuals or less and must not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the capacity of the SBSC facility subject to the Facility Use Agreement.

RESTROOMS. IF Restrooms are requested in advance and utilized, there will be an additional COVID-19 sanitization/cleaning fee of $50.00 per User event (in addition to a Daily Restroom Facility Fee of $24.00/per event + $2.00/hour for Utilities + $4.00/2 Hours HVAC after event). If User determines that Restrooms will not be needed during reservation checkout, they will NOT be available during the scheduled rental time unless the Reservation is updated and approved. The scheduling of User events will need to be coordinated to allow time for SBSC to sanitize restrooms between events.

COVID-19 Facility Use Guidelines, Waiver, and Insurance Requirements can be found in the link below.

BE PREPARED !!! Renters will be required to answer the Covid-19 Questions IN DETAIL during the checkout process.

For more info: Click here.
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