Lake Howell High School
Facilitron has partnered with Seminole County Public Schools to facilitate community rentals at their schools. Facilitron invoices and collects payment for Facility Fees and Utility Fees on all reservations. The School will advise you of any Custodial, AV Tech or Site Manager Fees that are required. Those fees will be paid directly to the school employee(s) assigned to your event.
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
Lake Howell High School is committed to
developing students to their fullest intellectual
and social potential in an atmosphere of mutual
trust, respect, and collaboration. We provide
students with excellent academic and vocational
programs using a flexible and relevant curriculum, challenging them to produce their best work
and accommodating for individual differences
and learning styles. We encourage cooperation
among the family, the school, and the community
as the best means to ensure that our students
assume the personal responsibilities needed
for them to reach their greatest potential and become responsible citizens and active,
life-long learners in the work force and the global community.