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Santa Barbara Unified School District
Santa Barbara Unified Civic Use

March 30, 2021 To be able to use the Santa Barbara Unified facilities the renter must follow the California Department of Public Health and the Santa Barbara County Public Health guidelines. The facilities are ONLY available once our students are no longer attending school. Spectators are not encouraged to attend the sporting events. The custodial cost may be doubled due tosCOVID-19 sanitizing and the use of the locker rooms and may not be available to renters. All rentals must go through Facilitron and are subject to availability.

Allowable activities Outdoor sports Indoor Gyms (10 percent) Pools – must following distancing requirements Churches (25 percent)

If at any time Santa Barbara County goes back into purple the district reserves the right to close its facilities.

Thank You. Santa Barbara Unified School District
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
Our mission at La Cuesta Continuation High School is individualized education that empowers students to become lifelong learners who fully realize their potential and discover meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in life.