Chandler Unified School District
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Community Spaces for All Your Activities
The Chandler Traditional Academy Liberty program was founded in 2002, on the principle that parents and staff will work together as partners to provide an education that encourages students to achieve academic excellence to the best of their abilities. The CTA program focuses on developing a solid foundation of fundamental and higher level thinking skills through a structured curriculum that is consistent within each grade level and sequential throughout the grades. The phonics-based Spalding program is the basis of CTA language arts program. The Saxon math program is accelerated one grade level across the school.
In 2015-16, CTA-Liberty introduced a Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program at first grade that follows the 50/50 model. For one-half of the school day, students learn the English Language Arts in English; for the other one-half of the day, students learn math, science, and social studies in Spanish. In 2016-17, the Spanish DLI program will expand to second grade, and a Spanish World Language Program will begin at kindergarten. In the Spanish World Language Program, all kindergarten students will receive 15 minutes of Spanish instruction every day.

Special area classes of Library, Music and Physical Education are also included in the curriculum. Technology is incorporated throughout the curriculum in accordance with the Arizona State Standards and within the CUSD guidelines. Programs like Orchestra, Band, Chorus, Student Council, and sports are offered either before or after the regular school day. The back-to-basics program along with specific behavior and dress code expectations contribute to the CTA's academic environment.

CTA Liberty ranked sixth on 2011-12 AIMS amongst all Arizona K-12 schools. We have received an "A school" designation from the NCEA. We are a Spalding Accredited School (one or more certified Spalding teachers at each grade level as well as several certified Spalding teacher trainers).