Independence Continuation High School
Availability Update: EUHSD is opening facility usage the week of 6/22/20. Applicants will need to agree to the "Agreement for the Use of Facilities Coronavirus Addendum" and "EDUHSD Guidelines for Use of Facilities Summer/Fall 2020" before an event will be approved. Review and approval of both agreements to be completed during the application process.
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
We envision all graduates contributing to their postsecondary communities academically prepared and economically competitive and prepared for the workplace. We envision students engaged and connected to peers and staff generating mutual respect, in a safe and emotionally supportive school culture. We envision students collaborating, creating, communicating and problem-solving in technology-rich learning environments. We envision leadership seeking out and listening to the voices of staff, students, and parents to generate transparent, fair, and fiscally responsible plans and policies.