Community Spaces for All Your Activities
The construction of Middle School West was completed in 1965. At that time, it was called Stygler Road Junior High. The school colors were maroon and gold and the mascot was the Trojans. The school and site were developed and built with the thought that it might become the second high school in Gahanna if the community continued to grow. In 1975, the school was changed from a junior high to a middle school and was renamed.

The Gahanna Middle School West philosophy addresses itself to the growth of the total student with the goal of providing a safe, friendly, and productive learning environment for all students. The staff, through individual instruction and team approach efforts, desires to see each student develop at a rate commensurate with his/her abilities and awareness. The curriculum integrates academic and cultural courses so that the school environment closely relates to life and the world outside of the school building. When each student leaves the middle school, it is the goal of the total staff that he/she will be equipped with the critical thinking skills and self-confidence necessary to meet the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities that they will encounter as they become young adults.