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The Greenville Fundamental School Concept is based upon a strong belief in the preservation, protection, and promotion of certain basic principles considered to be the foundation of public education. It is believed that within the school district there should be provision for a choice by parents to enroll their children in a school which strongly adheres to such principles.

The emphasis in the Greenville Fundamental School is placed upon establishing an atmosphere of fair, firm, and consistent discipline in which the grammar, composition writing, penmanship, spelling, and mathematics are stressed.

Character development, patriotism, courtesy, respect for persons and property, a sense of personal responsibility, and pride in accomplishment are also emphasized and highly valued.

In the Greenville Fundamental School it is understood and expected that teaching is the function of the teacher, and that learning is the responsibility of the pupil. It is believed that the teaching/learning process is most effective when conducted in a traditionally structured classroom where lessons are teacher-initiated, directed, and supervised. Homework becomes the instrument whereby practice is given in the newly learned concepts.

Direct parent involvement in student learning is a significant factor in the success of the school program.

The atmosphere for learning and achievement is created in the Greenville Fundamental School when parents, pupils, and teachers voluntarily commit themselves to clearly established standards of behavior and academic performance.