San Jose Unified School District
Effective January 1, 2022, All reservations conducted after -hours will require a minimum three-hour reservation time. After hours include weekends and school break closures.

Beginning August 2, 2021, SJUSD interior and outdoor spaces will be open for requests in 2021. All renters must acknowledge the San Jose Unified School District safety protocol prior to permit approval. There is a 3 hour minimum for rentals on the weekends, holidays and school breaks.
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Community Spaces for All Your Activities
Ernesto Galarza Elementary School provides a safe, positive and nurturing environment. Our K-5 curriculum is guided by State academic standards to ensure that all students achieve their greatest potential. As active participants in their education, students experience the joy of learning and the satisfaction of developing into responsible, contributing members of society. Our Academic Language Acquisition (ALA) program is designed to meet the needs of English language learners whose primary language is Spanish by providing Spanish language instruction in K-3rd grade. English Language Development (ELD) is also a vital piece of the ALA program. We implement curriculum programs, such as Writer's Workshop and Stepping Stones ORIGO and blended learning programs such as Lexia, Dreambox, and Achieve 3000. Additional programs include Recess 101, Cornerstone, ABC parents and Los Dichos, plus SPARK PE.