What do I need to do to have my facilities listed?

Contact us and our business analysts and solutions architects will get it done for you. That's it.

How long will does it take to have my facilities listed?

A matter of hours or days, depending on your business needs and integration requirements.

What type of venues can use Facilitron?

All types of venues, from single unit gyms and dance studios, to specialty theaters and multi-campus athletic and entertainment complexes use Facilitron to automate their reservations. We also support intricate regulatory requirements and permitting workflows needed for community facilities.

What special features are there for community facilities?

Facilitron is the only platform that integrates all end-to-end functionality needed for reservations, including internal and external scheduling, search and discovery, multi-tier/multi-factor rates, roles and permissions for staff members, ability to add services and extras, automation of payments and accounting, generating work orders, messaging/social media, insurance,

How much does it cost?

Facilitron adds a small service fee to the the renters/users on approved and completed transactions.

Is there a monthly or annual fee a facility owner needs to pay?

No. There are no hidden charges. All payments are based only on the total amounts transacted through the Facilitron platform and the marketplace.

How much does it cost to use Facilitron platform for my internal facility usage?

There is no additional fee to use Facilitron for your internal scheduling. As long as you use the platform for all your external rentals you get the full functionality of the Facilitron platform free of charge for all your internal scheduling needs.

Can I set up different rates based on the type of organization that rents the facility?

Yes. For example, you can have different rates for profit and non-profit organizations. You can also define special rates for youth or senior organizations or for any other organization type you serve. There is no limit to the number of type of rates you can set up - just be careful not to make it too confusing for your renters.

Can I have different rates based on time of the day, days of the week, holidays, etc?


Can I charge for additional equipment and services?

Yes. You can include some of those into the rental rates you charge or set up separate rates for any additional services and equipment you may offer. Equipment can range from small items like chairs and tables, to theater lighting/sound systems and scoreboards. Services may include custodial, security, catering, etc. You can set up either hourly, daily or flat fees.

What form of payment can renters use when booking a facility?

Based on their preference and in line with facilities’ requirements, renters can pay by a major credit card, PayPal, or by check/invoice. All payment processing and Account Receivable functions are handled by Facilitron.

Can my renters book multiple facilities in a single request?

Yes. They can also specify different configuration/set up requirements for each facility in the booking.

Can a renter book facilities from multiple facility owners in a single request?

A renter can add facilities from multiple owners into the shopping cart. However, during the check out processing, Facilitron will split them into separate transactions - one for each facility owner.

Do I get a custom web page with a direct URL? What can I customize?

Yes, you do. You can change your messaging, logo, colors, slideshow, featured facilities and more.

Who provides liability insurance?

Facility owners define their insurance requirements. After that, the renter will need to add you to their existing liability coverage and add the proof of insurance to the booking request. Alternatively, a renter can purchase insurance through our preferred insurance provider (Southwest Insurance Brokers) under a policy already issues based on your requirements. This option simplifies and streamlines the booking process, particularly for smaller organizations, who don't have wherewithal to deal with this complexity.

Can I modify the booking once it’s been submitted?

Yes. A facility owner can modify virtually any aspect of the order at any time - before it’s been approved of even after. Some changes may result in different charges and dates of use and require approval of the renter. The record of renter approvals (or disapprovals) is permanently kept with the booking record history.