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Field - Softball

at Crawford High School

4191 Colts Way San Diego CA 92115
About This Listing

Softball field features a well maintained infield and outfield ideal for softball practices or games. The outfield grass is available for other field sports as well.

Acceptable Use Policy for Non-District Rentals

The new Crawford athletic facilities located on the gated North end of the campus, hereafter known as the“athletic facilities,” are a long-awaited addition to the school. The use of these facilities is a privilege. All organizations that rent the facilities are expected to abide by the following policies and expectations.
Section I: Facility Security and Safety
A. ​Alarms and Cameras​: The athletic facility is monitored by an extensive 24-hour security system that captures and records access and use. Use of the athletics facilities is limited to the approved date,time, and activities. Any other use of the facilities is prohibited.
B. ​​Animals​: Animals, except for service animals, are not permitted in the facilities.
C. ​Bicycles​: Bicycles, in-line skates, skateboards, scooters, etc. are not allowed in the athletic facility at any time.
D. ​Cleanliness/Cleanup​: Renters are responsible for returning all equipment in good condition, picking up any trash, and clearing the field of any team items or personal belongings after use.
E. ​Parking and Drive-In Access​:​ There is a field parking lot located at 56th and Trojan. Additional parking is located along Trojan Avenue, Colts and Sharon Place and in the main parking lot. There is no drive-in access, even to pick up or drop off items and gear. Please do not encourage participants to park on Spartan Way. ​PLEASE ENCOURAGE AND PUBLICIZE TO YOUR ATTENDEES TO BE GOOD NEIGHBORS AND NOT TO BLOCK ANY STREETS, DRIVEWAYS, DOUBLE PARK, ETC​.
F. ​Supervision​: Renters are responsible for directly supervising everyone in the athletics facilities. Only needed personnel should be on the turf or track (certified coaches & players)
G. ​Site Access​:​ Renters and attendees must stay within the designated athletic area that was rented in the agreement. No one will be allowed to access the campus or other facilities at any time.
H. ​Event start time​: No event shall begin prior to 8:00 am, any group granted access to set up for an event prior to 8:00 am, must do so in a quiet and respectful manner.
I. PA System​: If the group is permitted access to the PA system, there will be no play by play announcing, advertising or cheerleading. No use of alternative sound amplification systems is allowed. Noise makers, radios, air horns, portable public address systems, or other noise-generating devices are not allowed in the stadium.
Section II: General Facilities Use Guidelines​.
A. ​Food​: Food, ​including sunflower seeds​, is not permitted on the track and artificial turf at any time.
B. ​Beverages​: Only unaltered water in non-glass containers is permitted on the track or on the field. No other drinks, including sports drinks, are allowed.
C. ​Footwear​: Only soft-soled shoes are permitted on the track and artificial turf, with the exception of sports-specific footwear required for individual sports, as approved by coaches.
D. ​Gum​: Gum is prohibited on the Crawford campus. Anyone chewing gum on the track or turf field will be asked to leave the facilities.

Possible Uses:
  • Other (meeting, class, etc.)