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City of Ridgefield Overlook Park: Plaza, Stage and Grassy Areas in Ridgefield Washington
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Overlook Park: Plaza, Stage and Grassy Areas

at City of Ridgefield

113-131 S Main Ave Ridgefield WA 98642
About This Listing

Overlook Park is located in historic downtown Ridgefield, and “overlooks” the beauty of the National Wildlife Refuge. The park does not offer its own parking lot. But, parking is available on the street and in a downtown parking area.

Overlook Park includes a stage, brick plaza, an adjacent upper grassy area and a lower grassy area behind the stage. You may reserve the stage and plaza, and add the upper and/or lower grassy area to your reservation when you check out.

The fees for your reservation will range from $40 to $50 per hour with a maximum fee of $240 to $300 and a $300 refundable deposit. The exact fees will be calculated at checkout.

Possible Uses:
  • Other (meeting, class, etc.)