Community Spaces for All Your Activities
The mission of Dougherty Comprehensive High School is to implement educational strategies and develop an enhanced communication dialogue with parents and the community that will effectively enable all students to reach their maximum potential academically, socially, and emotionally. We believe that:

Students learn differently and shall be provided with a variety of instructional approaches.
Students have to take responsibility for their learning process.
Students shall be provided the opportunity to learn in a safe, orderly environment with limited intrusions on the instructional time.
Students have a shared responsibility with faculty, parents, and the community to help improve the learning environment of DCHS.

Dougherty High is a comprehensive high school that offers a variety of academic and vocational studies designed to encompass the abilities of all our students. The administrators, faculty and staff of DCHS seek to educate the complete student. Classroom activities are designed so that students focus on upgrading their oral, written, listening, and speaking skills. DCHS offers college preparatory as well as technology prep diploma tracks. It is the sincere belief of all stakeholders at DCHS that all students can be motivated enough to want to become successful in the classroom as well as in society.

An active Parent-Teacher Organization and School Council are a vital part of Dougherty Comprehensive High School. DCHS seeks a viable relationship with parents and the community in order to better serve our students. Other active organizations are the band boosters, the chorale boosters, the athletic boosters club and the partners in excellence. These groups seek to help enrich the educational experience of our students.