Castro Valley Unified School District
On 10/25/2023, the Castro Valley Unified School District Board of Education approved a new facility use fee schedule, effective 01/01/2024.

As of Wednesday 07/17, availability for Castro Valley Unified School District is opened up for the Fall through 12/31/2024.

For additional details, please see the associated documents on the CVUSD website.
Castro Valley Elementary School
CVE Rental Expectations:
-Please leave the site as you found it; this includes the playground and blacktop areas as well as the cafeteria.
-To ensure student safety, please adhere to the established set of playground rules:

General Rules:
-Tag and other running games may be played only on the ground
-Hula hoops, balls & jump ropes are for the blacktop area only
-No jumping off of the climbing walls or play structures
-Take turns and include others in games
-Sidewalk chalk may not be used any place on campus

Play Structures:
-Walking only on all structures
-You may only go down the slide
-One person on the slide at a time

Climbing Walls:
-Climb when safe (make sure no one is above or below you)
-Keep hands and feet in contact with the climbing wall

-Adequate supervision must be provided by/arranged for by the renter.
-Playground balls and other outdoor equipment may not be used in the cafeteria.
The rental reservation does not include the use of school and/or playground equipment.

For any questions, please contact Natalie Hung at 510.537.1919