Carmel Unified School District
"4/1/20 UPDATE" CUSD COVID-19 Actions - Facility closures extended to June 5th" The County & State Health Departments has declared that community social distancing will need to continue in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. All sites will remain closed for use through June 5th and potentially longer if state mandates. Thank you for your understanding. We wish our entire community good health and safety during this difficult time.
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
The Carmel Unified School District Facilities Department is a team committed to providing and maintaining excellent facilities for use by students, staff, district patrons and community organizations. The staff of custodians, maintenance technicians and groundskeepers is responsible for servicing 140 acres of ground and 320,000 square feet in 90 buildings, covering 600 square miles at 10 sites. Carmel Unified Schools District is the second largest geographical district in the state of California enrolling students as far as 40 miles south of Carmel and 20 miles east.