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Newark Board of Education
IMPORTANT: Please refer to the Newark Board of Education website for current information regarding COVID-19 district response. Facility use will be suspended until further notice. Facility use impacted will be placed in suspend status in Facilitron and fees paid will be applied to the renter's account balance.

Facility use requests are estimates. Services assigned to facility use are not subject to reduction by the renter. Full payment must be received 14 days prior to use or the facility use may be declined per district policy.
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Central High School is comprised of great educators who believe the teacher is our most impactful resource. Hence, heavy emphasis is put on professional development and pedagogy. pon graduation, our students must be ready for post secondary opportunities and most importantly for college. Our students will be optimistic, ambitious, have character, and a good work ethic. To cultivate leaders and thinkers, our emphasis will be to produce well spoken, problem solvers and writers that are prepared to preserve and impact the world for the next generations. It is also our duty to offer out-of-the-classroom experiences and internships to ensure the CHS graduates are marketable and ready for success.