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Evergreen School District
PLEASE NOTE: We are currently accepting reservation requests for Outdoor Areas Only, through the end of the school year, June 9, 2022. Rental Information for the 2022-2023 school year will be provided as soon as it becomes available.
Cadwallader Elementary School
Attention Community User - Summer availability will open on December 2nd 2019- that will include dates from June 15th-July 24th 2020. We will send our an email to all users as we get closer to that date as a reminder. Thank you
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Cadwallader Vision

At Cadwallader we inspire, excite, and empower all students to become lifelong learners with the knowledge and critical thinking skills to reach their personal goals and have a positive impact in our world.

Cadwallader Mission

Our Cadwallader staff is committed to:
celebrating and appreciating diversity within our community while establishing integrity, perseverance,respect and empathy.
modeling for students how to think critically, collaborate, and challenge themselves to have a growth mindset.
inspiring students to achieve academic excellence in our ever changing world by developing lifelong learners using research based practices.
ensuring students have a safe environment in which they feel valued, nourished, and empowered to develop a strong sense of self-worth to
fulfill their hopes and dreams and be part of the community.