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Vision Statement

Ball Junior High School, through a partnership with staff, students, parents, and community will provide a safe, welcoming, well-rounded, and rigorous academic environment that promotes 21st Century necessities. As society is ever-changing, Ball Junior High School staff members are committed to adapting their use of instructional strategies to meet the academic, social, and behavioral needs of our students, so that they embark upon a path that leads to college, career and lifelong success.

Mission Statement

Ball Junior High School is committed to provide all students with an academic and social environment that promotes:

An engaging, enriching, and rigorous setting that emphasizes 21st Century skills development, such as, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication.
A safe, caring, friendly, and positive academic atmosphere where mutual respect is given to all stakeholders.
A professional learning community where staff, parents, and students work together as a team to meet the ever-changing demands of society and the 21st Century.