Important COVID-19 information. Read Now ➝

A Message From Facilitron CEO Jeff Benjamin

With the current and developing situation regarding COVID-19, Facilitron is committed to working closely with each of our partners and customers to best manage and support you during this trying time.

As trusted partners, our teams are actively providing support to renters, and best practice guidance to the staff and administrators of all our public space partners across the country regarding events that gather members of your community together at public facilities.

Our first priority is to abide by state, local or district directives regarding events that are scheduled on the Facilitron platform.

Our protocol from there is to organize reservations by number of participants and spectators to identify events that would be considered large community gatherings. To support this effort, we have already developed and quickly released the ability for district administrators to sort events by attendance.

To manage events affected by district or facility owner restrictions such as attendance, Facilitron has developed a new action called “Suspend Timeslot”—a capability specifically developed for use in current circumstances.

Facilitron recommends and will assist facility owners and renters to suspend affected timeslots—which allows reservations to retain a “priority status” for future dates once any suspension of community use of facilities is lifted. This also allows a reservation to be reinstated at a future time without the need to submit a new application or request.

Furthermore, suspending a request preserves for reporting purposes the ability to record a loss of revenue with local, state and/or federal agencies for potential reimbursement as a result of a declared state of emergency.

Facilitron is also prepared to help school districts schedule and establish emergency infrastructure such as quarantine stations or “points of dispensing” for medical countermeasures if necessary. This prospective use and utilization data associated with that use will also be preserved for future reporting to government agencies.

With circumstances constantly developing and information changing at a fast pace, Facilitron is committed to keeping our partners and customers updated with the latest information and practices. In addition, we will continue to update everyone about features and releases on the platform and how these features can support you in handling this extraordinary situation.

The safety of those we serve—our partners, customers, employees and the communities—is paramount. We are dedicated to staying on top of this evolving situation and partnering with you every step of the way.

Thank you for your patience and trust in us. We are resolute in helping you navigate these challenging circumstances and assisting you in any and all manner possible.

Jeff Benjamin