A Message From Facilitron CEO Jeff Benjamin

July 30, 2020

Dear Facilitron Partners,

To say we’re in unprecedented times at this point sounds almost trite. While there are so many amazing people to recognize, with whom to empathize, I want to get straight to the point.

Though we now work with a wide range of facility operators, the partners whose feedback set us on the path to create the Facilitron platform were school districts. Now with over 4000 schools on the platform, we recognize our deep commitment to school districts and the challenges they face to safely open their campuses.

Our goal and one of our most meaningful company slogans is “better together.” Much like with marriage vows, to us that means for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. With the start of school looming and information changing at a rapid pace, we once again turn to listen to our partners but this time it’s OUR opportunity to give back.

Today we announce new functionality that allows both school districts and facility renters to document not only school activities and community events on campus, but all the participants in attendance as well. This is a critically important tool for safely reopening our schools. Today, we announce Attendee Management—which becomes available across the platform for no additional cost as a standard part of our partnership.

The purpose of attendee management is to give facility operators a detailed contact information list for all people on campus. Attendees register, check in and out, and sign-off on district terms and conditions. The resulting data can be used to look back on an event in case there is a need to notify or investigate through contact tracing individuals who may have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Yet this feature will have benefits beyond today’s health crisis.

Whether it’s classes during the school day, school board meetings, visitors on campus, after-school athletic events, or one of the thousands of community events or programs held on school campuses every day, now more than ever schools need to know specifically who is on their campuses. In fact, we’ve put together a valuable use case article on our website listing the many Ways Attendee Management Can Work for You.

Attendee Management is just the latest of several product updates we’ve made since the start of the health crisis in March. New features such as entity tags, reservation suspension and lost revenue reporting were developed to meet the needs and rapidly changing requirements facing school districts and other facility operators.

Thank you for your trust in us as we continue to navigate these challenging times.

Jeff Benjamin