San Mateo Union High School District
FACILITY USE UPDATE: SMUHSD is currently accepting requests for ALL facilities.

COMMUNITY USE UPDATE: Individuals no longer have to submit a request on Facilitron for community use of the tennis courts. If you want a permit to use any of the courts, you will have to pay according to the SMUHSD fee schedule. Otherwise, it's first come, first serve for individual use. Please contact Charlie Royce, General Manager of Facilities Use for SMUHSD, For assistance submitting a facility use request, contact FACILITRON at, 800-272-2962 ext 1.
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
Aragon High School’s culture is built on an extensive tradition of excellence and many wonderful educational opportunities are provided for all students. Aragon teachers, staff and administration are committed to providing a challenging curriculum with rewarding activities and classroom experiences. Through collaboration, preparation, and dedication, our faculty prepares students with exemplary instruction. Most of our accomplishments are a direct result of what occurs in the classrooms. The relationships that teachers and staff build with our students are caring, respectful and supportive. It is the quality and commitment of our staff that generates recognitions and commendations for our students.

At Aragon, students and their families come first. The purpose of the school is to educate all students to the best of their abilities and students’ needs drive the decision making process. The Aragon community strives to be a place of mutual respect where students actively pursue intellectual and extracurricular excellence. Aragon High School is proud to say, “Our only tradition is excellence.”