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The mission of Alexander High School is to provide a positive learning environment for every student, offering each the opportunity to gain proficiency in all skills necessary for meeting future goals. All staff is dedicated to working to aid students in establishing a love of learning, acquiring the ability to communicate effectively, making rational decisions, and developing values that will enable them to lead productive lives in an ever-changing and complex world.

Once upon a time, a small place named Douglas County faced a problem. The county's two high schools could not fulfill the needs of a growing city. The halls of Lithia Springs High School and Douglas County High School abounded with students. As walking and moving to class became challenging, daring, or impossible the Board of Education tackled the problem. Their decision was to build a new high school. After a year of various paperwork, hard labor, and construction, Robert S. Alexander High School emerged in 1986-1987 for its first year.