San Jose Unified School District
Effective January 1, 2022, All reservations conducted after -hours will require a minimum three-hour reservation time. After hours include weekends and school break closures.

Beginning August 2, 2021, SJUSD interior and outdoor spaces will be open for requests in 2021. All renters must acknowledge the San Jose Unified School District safety protocol prior to permit approval. There is a 3 hour minimum for rentals on the weekends, holidays and school breaks.
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Community Spaces for All Your Activities
As a learning community committed to the success of every student, Anne Darling Elementary School supports students’ academic skills in the classroom through differentiated small group work in Language Arts and math, using culturally responsive instructional strategies across all content areas, and helping students build connections to our school community. Instruction is standards-based, and ongoing assessment allows teachers to adjust their instruction to meet the needs of students throughout the school year. Teachers at Anne Darling work collaboratively to support high quality instruction for all students. English language learners are given focused support in all classrooms, and each grade level has at least one ALA classroom, where primary language is supported as students acquire language skills in English.

The campus is newly renovated, and the site is currently implementing consistent behavior expectations through a system called PBIS (positive behavior intervention support) to further support student learning and a develop a sense of shared pride in each student’s progress and academic success.